Agrément South Africa​​ announces the new Chief Executive Officer


The Board of Agrément South Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Richard Somanje as the Chief Executive Officer to succeed the Late Mr Joe Odhiambo who passed away on 15 July 2021. Mr Somanje will commence his duties effective 1 April 2022.

The Board conducted a rigorous selection process in which both external and internal candidates were assessed for the role. We are pleased that this has resulted in the selection of an internal candidate with a detailed understanding of Agrément South Africa and its mandate who will be able to provide continuity of purpose. Mr. Somanje joined Agrément South Africa on 1 September 2019 as a Chief Financial Officer. He has been appointed as the Acting Chief Executive Officer from 15 June 2021 till 31 March 2022.

Mr. Somanje holds a BCom Honours in Economics from Fort Hare University and a BCom Honours in
Accounting from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Mr Somanje complements his qualifications with Senior Leaders Development certificate from Wits Business school.

In his career path, Mr Somanje served articles for three years as Trainee Accountant, four years in
internal auditing and more than 20 years in financial accounting of which 19 years as Chief Financial
Officer, and more than two years as Managing Director in a private company. His noticeable
achievements include the establishment of public and private entities from Greenfield.

Since 2018, the late Mr. Odhiambo has worked tirelessly to strengthen Agrément South Africa’s
business, its first five-year strategy, champion innovative construction related products and systems,
and promote alternative building technologies to the Built Environment sector. Consequently, Mr.
Somanje will be inheriting an entity in excellent competitive shape, with a highly professional and
dedicated management team which displays all the values on which we pride ourselves at Agrément
South Africa.

With all your support, Mr Somanje is ideally placed to lead Agrément South Africa with great energy
and focus through the next stage of its developmental growth strategies.

Read our signed statement here

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