Company Name:  Derbigum Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Address:  P O Box 237 ALBERTON  1450

Telephone:   +27 (0) 11 868 1028

Fax :  +27 (0) 11 900 2015


Approved Extract

Derbigum SP is a waterproofing membrane comprising a matrix of bitumen modified with atactic polypropylene reinforced with a non-woven polyester cloth and glassfibre tissue. The underface is a heat-activated adhesive layer. The product is manufactured in two thicknesses: 4 mm and 5 mm.

This certificate covers Derbigum SP for use as:single layer roof covering material with two coats of bituminous aluminium or other paint compatible with the material;as above but further protected by a 50 mm thick layer of 25 mm clean crushed stone; waterproofing underlayer to trafficable roof surfaces suitable for pedestrian traffic and light vehicular traffic including car parking on normal sand/cement and other smooth substrates.It is also used as:tanking to basement walls and floors; a waterproofing layer behind retaining walls.

If the requirements of this certificate are adhered to  it provides an assurance of the fitness-for-purpose of Derbigum SP waterproofing and Agrément South Africa is of the opinion that the product is satisfactory as set out in this certificate.