Company Name:  Calcamite Sanitary Services (Pty) Ltd

Address:  PO Box 911561, Rosslyn, 200

Telephone:    +27 (0) 12 742 0900

Fax :  +27 (0) 86 629 2826


Approved Extract

The Calcamite on-site sanitary disposal system consists of the following components:a rotary-moulded polyethylene digester tank with a total volume of 1548 litres and a liquid capacity of 1463 litres. Optional lid extensions can increase the tank volume. The digester facilitates the separation of solids (both floating scum and settled sludge) from the liquid fraction of the waste so that the effluent can be dealt with in a sub-soil percolation system or transported by sewer to a treatment facility; a purpose-made pan of vitreous china which discharges from the bottom of the pan through a 110 mm diameter PVC effluent discharge pipe direct into the digester; a low-flush cistern manufactured from polyethylene. The cistern comprises a 600 ml flushing tank and a nine litre top-up tank one above the other.

This certificate covers the use of the Calcamite 1500 litre liquid capacity on-site sanitary disposal system for use with french drain and effluent drainage systems in all areas of Southern Africa in typical medium-sized households.If the requirements of this certificate are adhered to it provides an assurance of the fitness-for-purpose of the Calcamite sanitary disposal system and the Board of Agrément South Africa is of the opinion that the system is satisfactory as set out in Part I Section 4 of the certificate.