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Approved Extract

 Index Testudo 20 Waterproofing

Index Testudo 20 prefabricated waterproofing membrane is manufactured from polymer bitumen modified with elastomers and plastomers. The reinforcement is a non-woven  spunbound polyester. The upper face is treated with talc to prevent sticking problems when unrolling the material. The lower face is coated with a sacrificial polyethylene film that  when heat activated  melts and is an indication of the correct temperature for bonding the membrane with the roof substrate. Testudo 20 is available in 40 mm and 50 mm thicknesses. Testudo 20 is applied by an approved applicator.The intended use of Testudo 20 is for the waterproofing of trafficable roofs in all regions of Southern Africa.If the requirements of this certificate are adhered to  it provides an assurance of fitness-for-purpose of Index Testudo 20 Waterproofing and Agrément South Africa is of the opinion that the product is satisfactory.