Company Name:  Imison (Pty) Ltd

Address:  326 Derdepoort Road  Silverton  Pretoria  South Africa 0184

Telephone:   +27(0)860 464 766

Fax :  n/a


Approved Extract

The foundation slab is cast on gravel hardcore and expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and is reinforced with weldmesh. Foundations are formed by thickening the foundation slab to form beams around the perimeter of the surface bed and under load bearing internal walls. Foundation thickening is reinforced.The building system comprises modular EPS wall panels that are horizontally recessed to take the ring beam. The panels are bedded on the foundation slab in a cement grout with a waterproof additive and secured in position at 12 m centres with steel reinforcing bars both sides of the panels. The bars are threaded both sides and secured to the foundation slab with chemical anchors. The tops of the reinforcing bars pass through and are bolted to a timber wall plate and roof holding down anchors. Internal and external walls are finished both sides with cellulose fibre reinforced cement plaster.Roof construction is conventional and clad with lightweight roof sheeting. Ceilings are always installed.