Company Name:  Cemforce cc

Address:  P O Box 378 BRANDFORT 9400 &P O Box 1348 KIMBERLEY 8300

Telephone:   +27(0)51 821 2520 & +27(0)53 841 1962 

Fax :  +27(0)51 821 2418 & +27(0)53 841 0717


Approved Extract

The certificate covers the Cemforce Easy Loo VIP Toilet System for constructing toilet installations in all regions of South Africa where waterborne sanitation is not available and ground conditions are considered to be suitable for toilets of this type. The Cemforce Easy Loo VIP Toilet System comprises: a top structure consisting of a floor slab side and back walls and a roof constructed from glass-reinforced cement (GRC) encapsulating a beaded polystyrene cement core a polyethylene urine diversion toilet pan with a seat and a lid a conventional pit that is designed to suit the ground conditions and which can be unlined but with a collar or lined allowing for percolation of the liquid fraction.