Company Name:  Imison (Pty) Ltd

Address:  326 Derdepoort Road  Silverton  Pretoria  South Africa 0184

Telephone:   +27(0)860 464 766

Fax :  n/a


Approved Extract

 Imison Stud Column Walling System single or double storey buildings are constructed in accordance with a rational design prepared by a professional engineer that:-will ensure the structural integrity of the entire building adheres to the construction details within this certificate.

The Imison Stud Column Walling System comprises:-a concrete surface bed with thickened foundation beams under external and internal walls  on non-problematic soils a galvanised light-gauge  cold-rolled structural steel frame core infill panels made up of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool insulation  a galvanised-steel reinforcing mesh cladding to both sides of the wall panel and on both sides spray-applied fibre-reinforced plaster a galvanised light-gauge  cold-rolled structural steel first-floor dry deck timber or light-gauge  structural steel roof trusses.The surface bed is cast on a bedding of polystyrene insulation  a damp-proof membrane and hardcore.

The columns are lipped-channel studs fixed to base and eaves channels. Cross-bracing is provided and columns can be reinforced with galvanised mild-steel angles or square tubing. The columns  and the base and eaves channels slot into grooves cut into the edges of the core insulation.Light-gauge dry decks form the first floor of double-storey buildings. They are constructed from perimeter channels and lipped-channel joists forming a one-way spanning floor. Insulation is installed between the joists or to the underside of the joists. Profiled steel sheeting is fixed to the top of the joists and clad with chipboard or plywood.