Company Name:  Cemforce cc

Address:  P O Box 1348 KIMBERLEY 8300&P O Box 378  BRANFORT 9400

Telephone:   +27(0)53 841 1962 & +27(0)51 821 2520

Fax :  +27(0)53 841 0717 & +27(0)51 821 2418


Approved Extract

The Cemforce GRC Building System utilises factory produced wall panels. The wall panels are 78?2 mm thick consisting of a polystyrene beaded concrete core with a dry density of 450 to 750 kg/m 3  encapsulated in 8mm thick skins of glass reinforced cement (GRC).

The panel widths vary from 300mm to 1200mm and are 24m or 30m high. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conduits 15 mm diameters are cast running horizontally at the top and bottom of the panels. Galvanised mild steel anchor straps are cast into the bottom of the panels and wallplate anchor bolts in the tops of the panels.The certificate covers the use of the Cemforce GRC Building System in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single storey buildings for the uses (SANS 10400: Table 1 of Regulation A (20) (1) set out below: