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Approved Extract

The JoJo Septic Tank is a prefabricated and rotary-moulded polyethylene digester tank. It is available in liquid capacities of 1250 1500 1750 2000  2500 litres and 6000 litre Conservancy tank (see Figure 5).It is fitted with a 110 mm inlet and 50 mm outlet pipes and a 390 mm diameter lid which is filled with concrete after installation of the septic tank. The 6000 litre conservancy tank is fitted with a 110 mm inlet and 50 mm outlet pipe and 415 mm diameter lid.The digester facilitates the separation of solids and bio-degradation (both in the form of floating scum and settled sludge)  from the liquid fraction of the waste to a level that the effluent from the digester can be discharged into a sub-soil percolation system (soak-away or French drain) in accordance with SANS 10400: Africa’sPart P (Drainage) and specific rule PP28 (in-situ percolation test for soils) or transported by a sewer to a treatment facility.The certificate covers the use of the JoJo Septic Tanks as an on-site sanitary disposal system (digester) in conjunction with sub-soil percolation systems (soak-away or French drain) in all regions of South Africa where soils have good drainage properties.