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Approved Extract

The Alternative Steel Frame Building System consists of galvanised light gauge steel structural components to both wall panels and roof trusses. The design concept is based on steel frame technology conforming to the draft code of practice SANS 517 (Light steel-framed buildings).Foundations are conventional concrete strip footings or concrete rafts with thickened edge beams. In problematic ground conditions foundations are a responsibility of professional engineer or competent person.External and internal wall panels are precast.

Frames are generally 24m high and 600mm or 1200mm wide and manufactured from 06mm thick galvanised light gauge steel channels 90mm x30mm x10mm. The 1200mm wide panel is divided into two with a central back -to- back lipped channels A 0.8mm light gauge galvanised steel bottom track is anchored to the raft foundation at 600mm centres with expansion bolts  or chemical anchors. The wall panels are positioned in the bottom track and secured both sides with tek self-tapping screws at 300mm centres.

The junction between vertical frames are sealed with a single pack polyurethane moisture cured mastic A galvanised channel ring beam/capping is fixed over the tops of all panels and secured to the wall panel frame.The outside of the exterior walls is finished with an alkali resistant crinette (netting) secured with steel staples. The surface is primed with a blend of Portland cement and acrylic or synthetic latex and before drying spray applied cement plaster is applied in two layers  both layers being 4mm thick and floated to a smooth finish.Where the Alternative Steel Frame Building System is to be used in the Coastal areas or aggressive environment special treatment of steel is required.Roof trusses are conventional and are constructed from light gauge galvanised steel channel sections.

Trusses are secured to external wall ring beams with galvanised steel straps secured to both sides of the truss tie-beam and the side face of the ring beam with tek self-tapping screws.Roof cladding can be light or heavy weight and ceilings are mandatory and insulation optional  although recommended. Services are conventional and are incorporated in the wall panels before casting.