Company Name:  Spunchem International (Pty) Ltd 

Address:  P O Box 1760 MOUNT EDGECOMBE 4300 

Telephone:   +27 (31) 538 8700 

Fax   +27 (31) 502 3157 


Approved Extract

 The top layer of Spunsulation 5 Light Roofing Radiant Barrier is manufactured from pigmented ultraviolet light resistant and non-toxic flame retarded non-woven spunbond polypropylene. The layers are laminated by means of homogenous polyolefin based film web to the aluminium foil bottom layer. The membrane has a nominal mass of 174 g/m2 with a thickness of between 0, 29 mm to 0, 31 mm. It is supplied in rolls 30 m long and 1, 5 m wide. 

Spunsulation 5 Light Roofing Radiant Barrier is suitable for installation in all tiled-roof buildings with timber roof construction. It was not evaluated for metal roof construction and side-wall cladding. It can be used in all regions of South Africa. When used in the conventional manner it can: 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to the Spunsulation 5 Light Roofing Radiant Barrier that is manufactured by Spunchem International (Pty) Ltd. It is installed in accordance with the certificate holder’s installation brochure and as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.