Company Name:  Breidert Education Development cc

Address:  147 Voortrekker Road Raslouw Centurion 0157

Telephone:   +27(0)11 – 402 6627 

Fax :  +27(0)11 – 404 1321


Approved Extract

Second hand ISO mild steel shipping containers are sourced and refurbished and used as pre-school classrooms and primary health care centres in all regions of South Africa.Containers are 120m x 23m x 24m high with mild steel sections forming the frame corrugated side wall panels and roof cargo loading door and timber floor. Appropriate sized sections of side panels are removed to accommodate windows and mild steel door. Corrosion is removed by brushing affected areas with a rotary wire brush then coating the brushed areas with a zinc chromate primer and two coats enamel the final coat being decorative.Damaged sections of timber floor are replaced and 2mm vinyl floor covering secured with adhesive. A Kulite polystyrene ceiling is installed.