Company Name:  JoJo Tanks (Pty) Ltd 

Address:  PO Box 320 GROBLERSDAL 0470

Telephone:   +27 (0) 13 262 3021

Fax :  +27 (0) 13 262 2462


Approved Extract

The JoJo Liquid Storage Tank is a prefabricated and rotary-moulded polyethylene tank with a material thickness of between 3 mm and 5 mm thick  depending on the volume of the tank. The vertical tanks (see Figures 1 and 3) are subdivided into high and low profile shapes and are mainly used for water storage. The low profile tanks are mainly used when height limitations are a factor  especially when transporting.Where appropriate  tanks are ultraviolet light (UV) stabilised and the inside are lined with a black food safety accredited lining that also inhibits algae growth. They are available and in liquid capacities as illustrated in Tables 4 and 5.The horizontal tanks (see Figure 2  4 and 5) are available in liquid capacities as illustrated in Table 6. These tanks are mainly used for chemical storage.All tanks are available in a variety of colours and are per customer’s requirements. They are supplied with appropriate accessories  (viz. tank connectors  water fittings  lids etc).