Company Name: Tutungeni Precast cc


Telephone:   +264(0)61 305459

Fax :  +264(0) 81 2083441


Approved Extract

The Tutungeni Building System comprises factory produced  pre-cast concrete panels which  when erected form load bearing external and internal walls of single storey buildings. Externally wall panels are rendered with 20 mm to 30 mm thick plaster applied in two to three layers. In the Southern Cape Coastal Problem area (SCCP) external wall panels are clad with 20 mm thick expanded polystyrene and rendered with 20 mm to 25 mm thick plaster applied in two layers. Walls internally can be left unfinished  bagged or rendered with 15 mm to 20 mm thick plaster. Exterior walls are 100 mm thick and internal walls 90 mm.

The posts are erected on module centrelines (normally 15 m) and wall panels are slotted into grooves in the posts.Foundations to the posts consist of concrete cast around the post once erected and temporarily held in position in the foundation excavation. Wall panel foundations are formed by placing the first panel in position between posts and concrete cast in a trench around the bottom of the panel.Windows and door frames are conventional with concrete posts on both sides of openings.Roof trusses can be either timber or light gauge galvanised steel anchored to eaves walls with 3 mm galvanised wire looping round top wall panel and twisted and spiked to roof trusses.Services are conventional.