Status: Active
Company: StonCor Africa (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27 (0) 11-254 5500
Address: P O Box 2205 HALFWAY HOUSE 1685

Approved Extract

The Britflex (BEJ) Bridge Deck Expansion Joint System is a single seal, surface mounted system. The elastomeric seal is inserted into housings formed in two metal runners or carrier rails. A sinusoidal anchorage is welded to the rail and assembly is set into a patented, rapid curing elastomeric resin compound known as Britflex Resin Mortar.

The Britflex (BEJ) System is assessed as being suitable for bridge deck expansion joints in all areas of South Africa. The joint is installed in terms of a license agreement with Universal Sealants (UK) Ltd (USL) who also supply the resin mortar.