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Approved Extract

Non-tacky Tack Coat consists of 50/70 penetration grade bitumen that complies with the requirements of  SANS 4001 BT1:2012  emulsifier and filler which comply with the confidential specification under the manufacturer’s control. The water conforms to national standards for potable water ( SANS 241:2011).

The Non-tacky Tack Coat is applied at a rate of between 0.3 l/m2 and 0.6 l/m2. To asphalt surfacing in a manner similar to the conventional SS60 tack coat.This certificate covers the use of Non-tacky Tack Coat (nt-cote) as a binding agent for an overlaid asphalt layer while simultaneously allowing for limited trafficking of construction vehicles prior to the asphalt overlay being placed. It is for use in all regions of South Africa. The Non-tacky Tack Coat is applied to the surface at a rate of 0.6 l/m2 at ambient temperature prior to the application of an asphalt overlay.