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Approved Extract

FSM FR Polycore Building System is used for single storey buildings. The system comprises prefabricated components that are assembled on site conventional strip or raft foundations and roofs with insulated ceilings.Foundations are either cast in-situ concrete surface beds with thickened edge beams or with strip footings. Where the latter are used the surface bed is thickened over the brick plinth.

A 105 mm x 40 mm deep rebate is formed around the perimeter of the slab to accommodate the external wall panels.The minimum reinforcing mesh to be used in the slab is RF193. The design and approval of the foundation is always the responsibility of a registered professional competent engineer.The external wall panels (wall type 1) are up to 3000 mm ;1120 mm ; 103 mm thick. They comprise a 0.58 mm pre-galvanised Chromadek sheet on either side encapsulating a90 mm thick Expanded Polystyrene (15 kg/m 3 ) core laminated to a 12 mm thick fire resistant MgO board.Wall type 1 is also used as an internal wall for the following occupancy classifications:moderate and low-risk commercial service buildings (B2  B3)low and moderate risk industrial (D2  D3)large small shops and wholesalers store (F1 F2  F3)dwelling house (detached houses) and related outbuildings (H4).The internal wall panels (wall type 2) see Figure 3(b) is used for occupancies where 4 ; 45dB sound insulation is required. The panels are up to 3000 mm ; 1120 mm ; 103 mm thick.

They comprise 2 sheets of 0.58 mm pre-galvanised Chromadek sheets and 2 boards of 12 mm thick fire resistant MgO encapsulating a 80 mm thick on both sides and Expanded Polystyrene (15 kg/m 3 ) core. In addition internal wall panels (wall type 3) see Figure (4) are up to 3000 mm x 1120 mm ; 206 mm thick and comprise 2 No. wall type 1 erected back to back. These are for occupies where 60 minutes FR and 45 dB sound insulation is required.

The roof structure comprises a bolted steel structure with light- or heavy-weight cladding. Ceilings are always insulated.Window and door frames are galvanised steel or are aluminium which are purpose made to suite the design of the building system.Plumbing and electrical conduits can be flush mounted or surface mounted onto the composite panels.