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Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of Ventilated Improved Pit and Urine Diversion Toilet System components in non-waterborne, for off-grid, formal and informal applications in all regions of South Africa for external use. 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Ventilated Improved Pit and Urine Diversion Toilet System components manufactured by Envirosan Sanitation Solution (Pty) Ltd. The toilet system components must be installed in accordance with the certificate holder’s installation brochure and as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.

Ventilated Improved Pit and Urine Diversion Toilet System comprise sanitation components for installation on site for the typical superstructure constructed over a vented pit. The sanitation components should be installed in a top structure/closet with a floor, walls and roof of material adequate for its purpose and the closet should be provided with a door to ensure privacy of occupants in accordance with the National Building Regulations, SANS 10400-Part Q.  

The sanitation components are described below as follows:

Component 1: VIP 200 and 480 pedestals

The pedestals are designed to fit securely into a flange cast into the floor slab or bolted onto the floor of the latrine giving it stability and robustness. The pedestals are moulded from the virgin polypropylene material. The VIP 200 can be converted to a water-borne pedestal when required and the VIP 480 detachable urine separator may be converted to a urine diversion configuration. The VIP 200 includes the rim-flow grid into the seat for upgrading to a water flush system when required. It also includes a removable pedestal with incorporated infant seat lid. 

Component 2: 10 litre water reservoir

This component is designed to be attached to the outside of the toilet structure for hand-washing after use. It is moulded from a clear plastic for easy monitoring of water level from the outside. The reservoir has a sliding moulded plastic lid to facilitate the filling of water. It is fitted with a spring loaded push valve (tip-tap) to release water for hand-washing. The plastic valve has a stainless steel spring and rubber grommet for immediate closure after use. The valve is screwed onto the outlet of the reservoir with a screw thread that fits a standard 2 litre cool-drink bottle. A rainwater harvesting option could be considered to ensure the availability of water for hand washing.

Component 3: hand-washing basin

The basin is designed to be attached to the outside of the toilet structure below the reservoir. It consists of soap holder, a drying cloth hook and stainless steel grid. The outlet has an option to fit a 40 mm waste pipe connection or a 15 mm flexible hose.  The basin is attached to the latrine wall with two M6 bolts. In applications where there is little or no incentive for people to exercise care when using the hand-washing basins, for example, in public and institutional installations additional supports are required. 

Component 4: high density polymer door

High Density Polymer Envirodoor is a pivot hinge plastic door designed for sanitation top structures installed on site to provide privacy, protection from the elements and security for users. The door fits into lugs that can be attached to the floor and roof or cast into the floor and roof for improved resilience. The door does not require a door frame. 

The door latch is manufactured from nylon and will automatically engage when the door is closed allowing slam shutting, the latch locks from both the inside and outside, however, with the inside mechanism overrides the outside mechanism. 

The door is cross braced for added strength and is manufactured of material that is of sturdy construction. The doors can be retro-fitted easily into the existing top structures where the existing wooden or steel doors have failed and need to be replaced.