Company Name: Envirosan Sanitation Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Address: PO Box 1769 New Germany, 3620

Telephone:  031 700 2234, 

Fax: 013 700 1867

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Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of High Density Polymer Envirodoor for use in sanitation top structures in all regions of South Africa for the outdoor use only. 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to High Density Polymer Envirodoor manufactured by Envirosan Sanitation Solution (Pty) Ltd. Doors must be installed in accordance with the certificate holder’s installation brochure and as described and illustrated in this certificate, and in terms and conditions of certification.

High Density Polymer Envirodoor is a pivot hinge plastic door designed for sanitation top structures installed on site to provide privacy, protection from the elements and security for users. The door fits into lugs that can be attached to the floor and roof or cast into the floor and roof for improved resilience. The door does not require a door frame. 

The door latch is manufactured from nylon and will automatically engage when the door is closed allowing slam shutting, the latch locks from both the inside and outside, however, with the inside mechanism overrides the outside mechanism. 

The door is cross braced for added strength and is manufactured of material that is of sturdy construction. The doors can be retro-fitted easily into the existing top structures where the existing wooden or steel doors have failed and need to be replaced.