Company Name:  O’Grady Coatings (Pty) Ltd 

Address:  283 Main Road, STRAND, 7140 

Telephone:   (021) 853 5161, 

Fax   (021) 853 8105 


Approved Extract

The Sutherland Tex Coating System is an exterior two-coat waterproofing marble coating system for use in all regions of South Africa for all types of occupancy classifications (SANS 10400: Table 1 of Regulations A (20) (1)), on sound, suitably prepared, external and internal substrates as follows: 

Sutherland Tex Coating System is available in standard white and pastel colours. A range of colours can be achieved with an addition of pastel tint bases and colourants. The paint is packaged in 5 litre and 20 litre containers. It is thoroughly stirred on site before application. It is applied using a brush or rollers and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to the Sutherland Tex Coating System manufactured by the certificate holder and applied by trained applicators to suitably prepared surfaces as described in this certificate, and where terms and conditions of certification are adhered to.