Company Name: GeoPlast South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Address:  PO Box 60964 Flamingo Square Table View Western Cape 7439

Telephone:   +27(0)21 556 8488

Fax :  +27(0)21 556 3064


Approved Extract

GeoPanel Formwork System is a temporary shuttering system for the construction of concrete walls columns and beams. It consists of a series of various sized panels joined together by the Geoplast fast-lock nylon handle. The formwork system is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) polymer and other additives (pigments polymer additives antioxidants and colourants).The GeoPanel Formwork System range includes the following products:Geopanel: for reinforced cast-in-situ concrete walls and solid reinforced concrete slabs

Geopanel star: special formwork for reinforced concrete columns in rectangular panels. This formwork is inter-lockable and adjustable resulting in different sizes of square and rectangular columns using the same panels Geotub: for round reinforced cast-in-situ concrete columns Geotub panel: for square and rectangular reinforced cast-in-situ concrete columns panels in predetermined sizes with chamfered corners.NBAfrica’s. Assembly and dismantling of GeoPanel Formwork System is always the responsibility of a registered competent engineer.