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The Durafoil DSD Reflective Roof Insulation Foil is a six layer composite consisting of two layers of aluminium foil laminated to each other with one layer of polyethylene  reinforced with one layer of fibreglass scrim and two layers of graded polyethylene. The spunbond layer is UV-stabilised. The membrane has a weight of\r168 g/m² ± 10% and the thickness varies between 0.12 mm to 0.14 mm. It is supplied in rolls of 30 m or 40 m long and 1.25 m wide.

Durafoil DSD Reflective Roof Insulation Foil is suitable for installation in domestic and industrial buildings used in conjunction with timber (pitches equal to or greater than 100) or steel roof construction with concrete roof tiles or galvanised sheet steel cladding  provided that fire sprinkles are installed for industrial application. It can be used in all regions of South Africa for all types of occupancy classification (SANS 10400: Table 1 of regulation A 20 (1)). When used as stated in the certificate it can: