Company Name:  Polokwane Surfacing (Pty) Ltd 

Address:  P.O. Box 288, Ladanna, 0704 

Telephone:   +27 (0) 15 293 1221 

Fax   +27 (0) 15 293 1258 


Approved Extract

 This certificate covers the use of Polo-Pave Thin Bituminous Road Surfacing System on road pavements as a wearing course in all areas of South Africa. 

The application category is B, which means that: 

The road certificate class is 2B, which means that: 

Polo-Pave is a thin bituminous road surfacing system generally laid to a nominal compacted thickness ranging from 18 – 25 mm. Principally it consists of a blend of bituminous binder, graded crushed stone (aggregates) of nominal size of 14 mm or 10 mm, and filler. The product is a porous asphalt wearing course with a void content in excess of 18 per cent. The voids are interconnected, providing a means of conveying rain water to the pavement boundaries. 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Polo-Pave as described in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.