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Approved Extract

Monl Frames Building System consists of cold rolled light gauge steel frames that are designed in accordance with SANS 517Africa’s. The frames are usually between 2600 mm to 2800 mm high with studs at 600 mm centres or as determined by the design engineer. The frame is manufactured from 0.8 mm thick galvanised steel lipped channel 89 mm x 41 mm x 11 mm profile. The steel frame members have a grade strength of 550 MPa minimum yield strength with a Z275 coating.

The foundations and the floor slab are conventional raft foundations with thickened edged bams and are always the responsibility of a registered competent person.The external wall frames are clad with 1 mm thick expanded metal grid with 4 mm x 8 mm openings to each face which acts as plaster key. The frames are then finished with 15 mm and 10 mm sand-cement plaster on the outer and inner face respectively. The cladding encapsulates lightweight polystyrene beaded concrete core infill with a density of 900 kg/m³ and concrete strength of 6-8 MPa. An additional 15 mm layer of 6:1 Pratliperl Plaster is also applied to the outer face of the external walls. The overall thicknesses of the composite wall is 129 mm thick.

The internal walls are constructed similarly to that of external walls with the exception that both faces of walls are finished with a 10 mm thick sand cement plaster applied to the expanded metal grid. The overall thickness of the internal composite wall is 109 mm thick.Doors and window frames can either be galvanised steel  aluminium or timber. The roof trusses are constructed from light gauge galvanised steel channel sections with light- or heavy-weight cladding.All other services are conventional and conduit holes are pre-drilled in the frame.