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Approved Extract

This interim certificate covers the use of the Roadsaver Coldlay Surfacing System for the repair of type 1 potholes in asphalt and concrete substrates in all regions of South Africa. The application category is class 1 Patching product which means the certificate is valid for: emergency repair and throw and go application; and light traffic – the Average daily Truck Traffic (ADTT) is from Oto 80.

This interim certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Roadsaver Coldlay Surfacing System as described in this certificate  and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.

General description

Roadsaver Coldlay Surfacing System is for pothole repair. It is manufactured from modified bitumen (70/100)  aggregates (6.7 mm)and crusher run materials. The mixing proportion per ton are:• modified bitumen: 60 kg 6.7 mm aggregates: 650 kg; unwashed crusher run: 290 kg. It is suitable for type 1 potholes and cracks on normal asphalt pavements  ultra-thin bituminous course  and concrete surfaces.The product can be placed directly into a pothole  it does not require prior cleaning of pothole before placement. Neither does it require the use of tack coats except in larger pothole (more than 1m2). After placement it does not require heavy compaction  just slight tapping and the road can be opened to traffic. The product can be also used for sealing longitudinal or transverse cracks. Roadsaver Coldlay Surfacing System is suitable for use in all weather and environmental conditions.