Company Name: Envirosan Sanitation Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Address: PO Box 1769 New Germany, 3620

Telephone:  031 700 2234, 

Fax: 013 700 1867 or

Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of Eaziflush Sanitation Systems for use in water- and non-water-borne, for off-grid, formal and informal applications in all regions of South Africa for internal and external use. 

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Eaziflush Sanitation Systems components manufactured by Envirosan Sanitation Solution (Pty) Ltd. The sanitation system components must be installed in accordance with the certificate holder’s installation manual and as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.

The Eaziflush Sanitation Systems comprises Polymer or Ceramic Pedestals and Polymer P-traps that can be used with conventional cisterns of 6- 9 litres or with low-flushing cisterns of 2 litres. Alternatively, they can be used as pour-flush toilet systems using clean or grey water. The Polymer Pedestals and P-traps are made from virgin polypropylene material and the Ceramic Pedestals are made out of clay.

Both pedestals are of the same design and algorithms and preference holds sway. They have been designed to retro-fit into the Envirosan VIP (Agrément Certificate 2015/475) outer pedestal frame (Annexure B). Both pedestals work in conjunction with a modified Polymer P-trap of 75 mm diameter which enables low and pour-flushing. The trap is designed to fit the 75 mm diameter pedestal outlets. The trap tapers outwards to fit into conventional 110 mm PVC drainage and soil pipes. The design of the trap restricts the water in the P-trap to 750 ml versus the 2 200 ml in conventional traps. The former facilitates full displacement of effluents with pour-flush or low flush action.

The pedestals are connected to various on-site or off-site sanitation systems, including leach pits, septic tanks and soak-aways, biogas digesters, solid free sewers, conventional sewers or other back-end systems. As with the VIP toilet systems, these pedestals can be adjusted/adapted to incorporate integrated child friendly seats when necessary.