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Approved Extract

Dura-Tech Surfacing System is an Ultra-Thin Friction (UTFC) thin bituminous surfacing system with a nominal compacted thickness of 16 mm to 25 mm. The product is used on road pavements as a wearing course. It has been designed specifically for application as a thin surfacing or re-sealing layer.

Dura-Tech Surfacing System is a blend of polymer modified bituminous binder, with graded stone of nominal size of 10 or 14 mm, crusher dust/sand, and filler. Dura-Tech is applied by a paver over a tack coat. An Elasto-Tack Plus tack coat is used during Dura-Tech paving. Dura-Tech is a porous asphalt wearing course with inter- connected voids content in ranging from 15 to 18 %. Dura-Tech is manufactured in a conventional asphalt hot mix batch plant and transported to site, laid and compacted on a sound and impermeable underlying layer.

The mix design, manufacturing and application of the product is to be strictly controlled and under the supervision of a registered professional engineer and approved by the manufacturer’s Technical Manager. The mix proportions may vary slightly from area to area, depending on the aggregate available in the area. Aggregates must meet specifications with respect to grading, strength, shape and polished stone value etc.