Company Name: Absolute Containers (Pty) Ltd

Address: 18 Sesmylspruit Street, Sunderland Ridge, Centurion, 0157

Telephone:  (012) 940 0090, 

Fax  (086) 691 4620


Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of A-SIP Building System in all regions of South Africa for the erection of single-storey buildings for occupancy classes set out below. (SANS 10400: 2010 Part A: Table 1 of Regulation A (20) (1)):

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to A-SIP Building System buildings that are designed, manufactured and erected as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.

NB: MgO board starts to absorb moisture in areas with high humidity levels at 33 %, causing chloride to be excreted and is not suitable for areas with humidity levels above 84 %.