Company Name: Moyizela Systems Group 

Address: 8th Floor, 135 Musgrave Road,  Durban, 4001,

Telephone:  +27 31 303 7630, 

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Approved Extract

This interim certificate covers the use of the Moyizela Instant Road Repair 10 mm for the repair of type 1 potholes in asphalt substrates in all regions of South Africa. The application category is 1 Patching Product which means the certificate is valid for:

Moyizela Instant Road Repair (IRR) 10 mm is a bituminous based cold mix technology developed as an instant repair to potholes. The product is a mixture of Emcol® Mixing Liquid (EML) and aggregate. Emcol® Mixing Liquid is the binder that contains bitumen resins.

The product is used to repair potholes which are 10 mm in depth. 

Moyizela IRR is black or red in colour and comes in 25 kg plastic buckets with a shelf life of 10 months.