Status: Active
Company: Integrum Design (Pty) Ltd t/a I-Design
Tel: (011) 464 5283
Address: PO Box 1943, Halfway House, 1685

Approved Extract

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The Adaptable Toilet Pedestal and Handwash System comprises a VIP 200 and VIP 480 pedestals, a 10 litre water reservoir and handwash basin, a 5 litre water reservoir and fly screen for installation on site for typical superstructure over a vented pit. The sanitation system components should be installed in a top structure/closet with a floor, walls, and roof of material adequate for its purpose and the closet should be provided with a door to ensure privacy of occupants in accordance with the National Building Regulations, SANS 10400-Q Application of the National Building Regulations: Part Q: Non-Waterborne Means of Sanitary Disposal.

The certificate covers the use of The Adaptable Toilet Pedestal and Handwash System in non-water-borne, for off-grid, formal and informal applications in all regions of South Africa. The system is for external use.