Company Name: Samac Engineering Solutions

Address: 31 Harry Gwala Road, Entrepreneural Support Centre, Unit C2 Umkhumbane, Durban 4091

Telephone:  (031) 261 1193 

Fax  (031) 261 1193


Approved Extract

The Agrément South Africa certificate covers the use of Samac Thermal Storage Tank in all areas of South Africa for systems that require thermal energy such as Air Condition or HVAC systems. 

The Samac Thermal Storage Tank possesses a thermal storage gel that can absorb and release thermal energy through the heat exchange process using coils and radiators. The storage tank was evaluated as a product that is capable to store, absorb and release thermal energy. 

The Samac Thermal Storage Tank is constructed by utilizing the stainless steel 3cr12 material. The 3cr12 is a chromium containing corrosion resisting ferritic steel developed as an alternative material of construction where the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and fabrication requirements of other materials such as mild steel, galvanised or aluminised steel, aluminium or pre-painted steels are unsuited. The Samac Thermal Storage Tank owns the diameter of 1.6 metres and with a height of 1.8 metres. The gasket of the tank is the standard rubber silicone. The tank is tied with bolts, with sizes ranging from M16 to M20. The tank boasts an approximate gross weight of 5500 kilograms and dry weight of 950 kilograms.