Company Name: Essa Plastics

Address: 8 Van Tonder Street, Sunderland Ridge, Centurion, 0157

Telephone:  +27 (0)12 666 7869/0

Fax : +27(0)86 2754 830


Approved Extract

The plastic membrane is used as a damp-proofing course (DPC) to prevent the rising damp in superstructure walls for construction of buildings. It is used in all regions of South Africa for all types of occupancy classifications (SANS 10400: Table 1 of Regulations A (20) (1)).

The certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to Essa Plastics Damp-Proof Course (DPC). It must be installed in accordance with the certificate holder’s installation brochure and as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where the terms and conditions of certification are complied with.