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Approved Extract

2022/632: Living Home MgO SIP Building System

The Living Home MgO SIP Building System utilises Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) as a building system for external and internal walls. The Structural Insulated Panels are factory produced and consist of 132 mm thick polystyrene middle layer sandwiched between two sheets of 9 mm thick Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board. This combination creates a 150 mm thick panel.

The structural wall panels are maximum 2.7 m in height, 1.2 m wide and 150 mm thick for external walls. For internal walls the panels are 100 mm thick. The primary studs are used as joint connectors between panels. The panels are transported to, erected on sites, and mechanically fastened to each other and to foundations metal rails. The foundation to panel rail joints are sealed with bitumen and/or silicone based sealants.

This certificate covers the use of Living Home MgO SIP Building System in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single-storey buildings for occupancy classes set out below (SANS 10400-A: Table 1 of Regulation A (20) (1)):

· dwelling house (H4).

The Living Home MgO SIP Building System is only approved to be designed and erected in Category C Terrain.

NB: MgO board starts to absorb moisture in areas with high humidity levels at 33%, causing chloride to be excreted and is not suitable for areas with humidity levels above 84%.