Company Name: National Asphalt (Pty) Ltd

Address: PO Box 247, Bon Accord, Pretoria, 0009

Telephone:  +27 (0) 12 562 9500

Fax : n/a


Approved Extract

NATPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt is a 10 mm nominal aggregate size, bituminous based cold mix asphalt developed as a repair for potholes. The binder properties have been modified with a specialised proprietary formulated Cold Mix additive.

The product is placed at a thickness of 30-60 mm in one layer. Thicknesses exceeding 60 mm are placed in two (2) layers.

The mixing of the NATPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt Mix will be done on-site with the National Asphalt drum mixer plant and will also be produced in 25 kg sealed plastic bags.

NATPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt has a classification of Class 3 Type 2 as described in the Agrément South Africa’s guidelines. The categories are as follows:

Cold Mix Categories

Type 1 – Emergency repair

Type 2 – Permanent repair (<3 m2)

Type 3 – Permanent repair (>3 m2).