Company Name:  Agrément South Africa

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Telephone:   +27(0)12 841 3708

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Approved Extract

Any competent person  company or institution who:-wishes to build dwellings that are covered by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act and buildings that comply with the National Building Regulations is capable of carrying out this work in accordance with the terms and conditions of certification and undertakes to do so may apply to Agrément South Africa to be registered as a holder of this open certificate.The 200 mm thick walls of BESA Building System buildings are constructed of bitumen emulsion stabilised adobe blocks  mortar and plaster. They incorporate a composite concrete and block ring beam that stabilises the structure  provides suitable support and anchorage for the roof members and spans the door and window openings. External and internal wall surfaces can be finished in a variety of ways using the mortar mix or a cement/sand plaster. All other aspects of construction are conventional and utilise conventional building materials.