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Approved Extract

The BESA 2 Building System encompasses:the manufacture of solid bitumen-emulsion stabilised adobe building blocks (BESA blocks)the use of BESA blocks and bitumen-emulsion-stabilised mortar to erect 200 mm thick superstructure walls of BESA school buildings reinforcement of the walls at regular intervals  with brickforce reinforcement and full-height cast-in-situ reinforced concrete columns together with cast-in-situ reinforced concrete ring beams  at wall head level finishing the walls with stabilised earth plaster or a conventional cement/sand plaster conventional foundations  surface beds  roofs  tiled roof coverings  services and finishes.

The system can be used by any person  company or institution registered by Agrément South Africa  who is in possession of a valid numbered certificate of registration  to build schools  day clinics or offices that comply with the National Building Regulations.