Status: Cancelled
Company: Astrapak Kwazulu-Natal (Pty) Ltd
Tel: +27(0)31 561 6100
Address: P O Box 74043 Rochdale Park 4034

Approved Extract

This certificate covers the manufacture of Duroplas UT180 Undertile Membrane.Conditions of certification page 5 Compliance with the National Building Regulations Duroplas UT 180 Undertile Membrane has been assessed to be fit-for-purpose for use under roof tiles to reduce the dislodgement of the tiles by maintaining a balanced air pressure on both sides of the tiles and to reduce the ingress of wind-driven rain and dust, provided it is manufactured and installed as described in Part 3 and as specified by the manufacturer and that the conditions of certification given in Part 1 of this certificate are complied with, page 8 Technical description, page 9 The undertile membrane is suitable for use in all regions of South Africa. The certificate holder is responsible for quality management during manufacture; the installer is responsible for quality management during installation.