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Approved Extract

The certificate covers the use of the CSIR Modular House Building System in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single storey buildings for the uses (SANS 10400: Table 1of Regulation A (20) (1)) set out below:

The house is constructed on 500mm deep compacted fill. The 230mm wide, 350mm deep external footings are excavated into this fill. The 50mm thick power floated concrete surface bed is reinforced with weldmesh which is turned down centrally in the foundation. The walls consists of 140mm and 90mm thick hollow concrete blocks with the eaves high blocks filled with concrete to form a ring beam to which the roof trusses are anchored. Purpose made blocks fill in the gable triangle. Walls are plastered externally in the Southern Coastal Condensation Problem (SCCP) area, with a light weight insulating plaster.