Status: Inactive
Company: MG Innovation t/a Betcrete
Tel: +27 (0) 21 905 7160
Address: 37 Muscat Road Saxenburg Blackheath

Approved Extract

Betcrete Polycrete window Sill is a prefabricated lightweight concretewindow sill. It is a combination of internal and external window sillmanufactured from a homogenous blend of silica sand, calcium carbonate andpolyester resin. It is available in grey (concrete appearance) colour and canbe finished with two coats of an exterior acrylic paint with the South AfricanBureau of Standards (SABS) or with Agrément South Africa accreditation. It isavailable in 300 mm thick widths abs lengths are per customer’s requirements.

The window sills are used in conjunction with Betcrete Polycrete Windows(Agrément Certificate 2011/396: Betcrete Polycrete Door Frames and Windows) orconventional window frames.