Status: Inactive
Company: MG Innovation t/a Betcrete
Tel: +27 (0) 21 905 7160
Address: MG Innovations – Trading as Betcrete

Approved Extract

Betcrete Polycrete Door frames and Windows are prefabricated lightweight concrete door frames and windows. Both door frames and window frames are manufactured from a homogenous blend of silica sand, calcium carbonate and polyester resin. They are available in grey (concrete appearance) colour and can be finished with two coats of an exterior acrylic paint with South African Bureau of Standard (SABS) or with Agrément South Africa accreditation.

Door frames are used in conjunction with conventional door leaves andironmongery. Windows comprise polycrete mullions and transoms plus aluminiumsashes with monolithic or laminated glazing and ancillary components, namely,lugs, bolts, nuts and screws.