Status: Inactive
Company: Cavcon Building Systems
Tel: +27(0)41 991 0655
Address: P O Box 360 UITENHAGE 6230

Approved Extract

This certificate relates to the Cavcon Modular Building system for the erection of single-storey buildings. Walls are of cavity construction, formed of factory-produced, prestressed concrete posts and precast, reinforced concrete wall panels; external walls are 103 mm thick and internal walls 86 mm thick overall. The posts are set in cast in situ bases and the wall panels rest on precast concrete plinths spanning between the post bases.
Window sills, reveals and lintels are of precast concrete as are door thresholds and lintels.

Floor slabs are of cast in situ concrete and the roof construction, floor coverings, ceilings and other finishings and services are all conventional.

This certificate covers the use of the building system for the erection of single-storey buildings of the following types, provided that the Cavcon walls are used in the appropriate positions as set out in Part II of the certificate, as amended.

The certificate covers the use of the building system in all areas of Southern Africa, with the exception of the coastal areas of Namibia.

Note: The occupancy classes given in Table 1 of Regulation A20(1) of the National Building Regulations have been attributed by Agrément South Africa to the types of buildings covered by this certificate and are shown in brackets after each type of building.