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Approved Extract

This certificate relates to the Abkin`s Simon 4 Building System for buildings up to four storeys high.

The structural system consists of loadbearing and shear wall panels that support concrete floors. External and internal loadbearing walls are factory manufactured with a mild steel channel perimeter frame and mild steel lipped-channel vertical studs and horizontal noggings, with cross-bracing where required. The walls are clad with fibre-cement boards externally and two layers of X-rated gypsum plasterboard internally. The floor slabs are of reinforced concrete supported on Q-deck permanent shuttering spanning between mild steel beams.

Internal division walls are conventional drywall partitioning clad with either fibre-cement or gypsum plasterboard. Foundations, surface bed and roof are conventional.

The certificate covers the use of the building system in all areas of Southern Africa for the erection of buildings from two to four storeys in height of the following types, provided the structural system as set out in Part II of the certificate is adhered to:

Note: The occupancy classes given in Table 1 of Regulation A20(1) of SABS 0400 of 1990 have been attributed by Agrément South Africa to the types of buildings covered by the certificate and are shown in brackets.