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Company: Zambezi Mining Services (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 018 786 1755
Address: PO Box 999 CARLETONVILLE 2500

Approved Extract

Brickseal is a coloured, weatherproof, acrylic, modified cement and lime-based wall coating for one-coat application to sound, properly prepared external and internal wall surfaces, as follows:

Brickseal is supplied in various colours in 21 kg bags and is mixed on site with a liquid binder. Once thoroughly mixed, it is sprayed onto walls to a thickness of at least 5 mm. The coating is trowelled smooth and may be given a textured finish.

This certificate and Agrément South Africa’s assessment apply only to the Brickseal Cementitious Coating that is manufactured by the certificate holder and applied by trained applicators to suitably prepared surfaces as described and illustrated in this certificate, and where terms and conditions of certification are adhered to.

This certificate excludes the use of the Brickseal Cementitious Coating on unstabilised adobe and/or mud wall construction.