Status: Inactive
Company: Dri-Block (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 082 606-0697
Address: P O Box 71552 BRYANSTON 2021

Approved Extract

The Dri-Block Building System is used to erect structures with dry-stack concrete block walls. The first course on the foundation or surface bed, is always bedded in mortar. The blocks are filled with concrete plus reinforcement to form core columns where required. A continuous ring beam is formed above window height by reinforcing the blocks and filling them with concrete. Internal walls are bonded to external walls with galvanised hoop-iron clips and reinforcing bars. Load-bearing internal walls are reinforced.

Windows are of the Clisco type. Door and window frames are purpose made to fit the block module.
Walls are finished externally with a filler coat concentrate and a thermoplastic finishing coat which provides a waterproof coating. Walls are plastered internally or given a skim coat plaster.

Foundations can be thickened edge beams or conventional strip foundations. The roof structure is conventional.
The certificate covers the use of the building system in all areas of South Africa for the erection of single storey building systems of the following occupancy classifications as defined in Table 1 of Regulation A(20)1 of SABS 0400 of 1990: