Status: Inactive
Company: Formington Systems (Pty) Limited
Tel: (011) 787 3659
Address: P O Box 6 PINEGOWRIE 2123

Approved Extract

The Formington Phoenix System II consists of:

The upgraded versions of the system can include putting in ceilings if they have not been provided and insulating them and lining the walls with insulation and mesh-reinforced plaster.

The certificate covers the use of Formington Phoenix System II for the construction of simple, detached, single storey houses and small, ancillary, free-standing buildings such as outside toilets in selected areas in all climatic zones of Southern Africa. However, calculations show that small houses (ie with a floor area of 30 m2) that have not been upgraded, will not meet the Board`s minimum thermal criteria in any climatic zone and can therefore only be regarded as temporary shelters until they have been sufficiently upgraded.