Status: Inactive
Company: Circle Capital Developments (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 011- 463 7263
Address: INM Outdoor Park HURLINGHAM ext 5 2000

Approved Extract

Frame-Tech buildings are designed using a computer programme under the supervision of a professional engineer. The buildings are erected on conventional cast in-situ concrete surface beds with edge beams.

The superstructure walls consist of galvanised steel lipped channel sections that are used as studs and rails to erect a structural framework that is clad externally and internally. External cladding is mesh reinforced sand/cement plaster. Internal cladding may be the same as that used externally, or gypsum plasterboard that, depending on the specification, may receive a finishing coat of plaster. Tenancy separating walls are 230 mm brickwork, which may be fair faced or plastered.

Frame-Tech roof trusses are fabricated from galvanised steel lipped channels. Roof coverings are conventional.

All other aspects of the buildings are of conventional construction.