Status: Inactive

Company: Isowall Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

Tel: (012) 804-3564

Email: n/a

Address: P O Box 912-581 SILVERTON 0127

Approved Extract

The Isowall System consists of modular panels of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between galvanised steel sheets for use in the erection of cold stores and controlled low-temperature areas. The panels are joined by aluminium extrusions to form flush walls, floors and ceilings or roofs. The system can be used as a loadbearing self-supporting structure or may be non-loadbearing and installed within, and supported by a conventional building.

The drainage, electrical services, refrigeration plant or components, doors, etc are not part of the system.

This certificate covers the use of the Isowall System in all parts of Southern Africa for the erection of cold stores and controlled low temperature areas. The cold stores or low temperature areas are either single storey, free-standing, individual weatherproof structures where the panels form the external walls, floor and roof, or alternatively, they are installed within a structure which has conventional external walls, floor and roof. When erected within conventional structures, the cold store and low temperature areas may be of sufficient height to allow the installation of storage racks reached by walkways or galleries.

This certificate covers the following types of buildings:

Note: The occupancy classes given in Table 1 of Regulation A20 (1) of the National Building Regulations have been attributed by Agrément South Africa to the types of buildings covered by the certificate and are shown in brackets after the type of building.