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Approved Extract

The Izoblok Building System is constructed under the supervision of a professional engineer or approved competent person who:

Prepares a rational design that :

The Izoblok Building System uses walls made of hollow ribbed wood/cement blocks that are filled with concrete. The foundation and roof are conventional. The blocks function as permanent shuttering and insulation material.
At the ground-floor level the walls are constructed in a conventional manner with a damp proof course. The blocks are laid in stretcher bond, four courses at a time. Vertical alignment of inner ribs assists in placing of concrete fill and its compaction. Concrete (15 MPa) is cast into the block cavities, compacted and allowed to cure. Care is taken to maintain the stability of the blocks during the concrete casting. The walls (internal and external) are finished on both sides with 12 mm thick cement/sand plaster and painted.