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Approved Extract

Reappraisal No 1

Single and multistorey building system; precast concrete wall panels and floor slabs; precast concrete roof slabs or conventional steel or timber roof truss construction; conventional foundations.

This certificate covers the use, throughout Southern Africa, of the building system for the erection of the buildings listed below when the different types of wall, floor and roof slabs described in Part II of the certificate are used in the appropriate positions.

When the system comprises flat, solid, precast reinforced concrete floor and roof slabs or prestressed concrete floor and roof slabs of hollow core units, with storey-high precast concrete wall panels, it is used for:

When the system comprises precast concrete coffered floor and roof slabs, with storey-high precast concrete wall panels, it is used for:

Roofs may be of steel or timber truss construction designed by an engineer, with conventional roof coverings. However, the operating theatre complex of hospitals (i.e. operating theatres, maternity delivery rooms and intensive care units) are covered with concrete roof slabs as specified.

Note: The occupancy classes given in Table 1 of Regulation A20 (1) of the National Building Regulations have been attributed by Agrément South Africa to the types of buildings covered by this certificate and are shown in brackets.