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Company: Thatch Lock cc
Tel: 39-721-855650 (Italy)
Address: Sannon Investment S.A. (Pty) Ltd c/o Deloitte & Touche Private Bag X11 GALLO MANOR 2052

Approved Extract

Factory-produced internal and external wall panels and roof panels consist of a core of polystyrene with a layer of steel weldmesh wire secured to both sides of the polystyrene with steel wire passing through the polystyrene and electro-welded to the weldmesh.

Corner and internal wall junctions are reinforced with an additional strip of weldmesh.
The roof structure is of the same material as the wall panels, supported initially with timber props. Roof panels are secured to the walls with reinforcing mesh.

Both sides of the wall panels are finished with two layers of fine aggregate sprayed concrete and a finishing coat of conventional plaster. Total sprayed concrete finish is approximately 35 mm per side.
The roof topping is 50 mm thick concrete worked to a smooth finish and waterproofed. The ceiling is also sprayed with concrete.

The surface bed is conventional with thickened edge beams with reinforcing bars to anchor the wall panels.
Windows, doors and services are conventional.
The certificate covers the use of the building system for the erection of single storey, detached dwellings and related out-buildings (H4) in all areas of Southern Africa.